Starbucks Introduces Its First Coffee-Infused Craft Beer

Starbucks Introduces Its First Coffee-Infused Craft Beer


The Espresso Cloud IPA is Starbucks’ newest and most experimental beverage to date.

Justin Burns-Beach, Starbucks coffee master created the Espresso Cloud IPA. It is named so due to its unique mixing process. This aesthetically appealing drink boasts a light, velvety soft appearance, with a vibrant amber tone.

According to Pike1912 in, Starbuck’s company blog: By shaking ice, a shot of espresso, pieces of oranges and Starbucks Classic Syrup, a cloud-like micro-foam is created. Then, the foam is “layered on top of a freshly poured IPA, and the beer is served with the cold-shaken espresso shot on the side,”

The cold-shaken espresso can also be added to the IPA, creating another beautiful layer of citrus and vanilla infused micro-foam.

Burns-Beach took inspiration for the Espresso Cloud IPA from the mixing process behind Starbucks’ Shakerato, which is 2 shots of espresso, one teaspoon of Starbucks Classic Syrup, shaken and served over ice.

Starbuck has for years been selling beer and wine in more than 300 locations in the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom, according to Fortune.

Starbucks locations in Seattle have been promoting Starbucks’ ‘Evenings Program’ since 2010, where baristas serve craft beer and wine, along with other small plates. Check if your local Starbucks promotes their Evenings program here.

Last year, CNN Money reported that by 2020, “the company hopes to have beer and wine on the menu at 2,000 of its 12,000 coffee shops in America.”

It’s safe to say Starbucks will keep people wired for the wait, as locations nationwide begin incorporating more adult beverages in store.

Bottoms up!

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