Contribute Your Craft to CRUSHBREW Magazine

Foodies, wine connoisseurs, brewers, bloggers and food journalists: if you want to contribute to a community that celebrates your passion, then submit your story ideas to CRUSHBREW.

CRUSHBREW is an online magazine that indulges in a shared love for small production wine, craft beer, and artisanal foods. We seek to tell the story of the artist—from small production vineyards to the hottest handcrafted brewery or the craft behind the new breed of chocolatiers and bread-bakers. Our freelancers explore the country to bring readers closer to the roots of their favorite beverages and foods, staying on the cusp of the latest trends and events in wine, beer and artisan food.

We welcome all types of articles, including how-to pieces, trend pieces, “listicles”, reviews of vineyards and breweries, stories from the artisan food movement and Q&A’s or behind-the-scenes profiles with brewers, winemakers, chefs and craftsmen.

Our published articles are 500-800 words—short enough for online reading, but meaty enough to dig into the juiciest, most delicious details. We’re based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we’re willing to work with writers from all over the U.S.—and the world. As a CRUSHBREW contributor, your schedule is flexible. So drop us a line when you’ve tried a new home brewing recipe, visited an inspiring vineyard or discovered an amazing loaf of artisan wheat bread.

If you want to share the work of true artists devoted to their craft, email with a story pitch today. It can be anything from a headline to a quick summary—if your idea whets our appetite, we’ll let you run with it.

Looking forward to your submissions!

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