Warm Beer? Don’t Fear! Give CrushBrew Your Ear We’ll show you a 5min cooling method

how to cool beer

By Sam Hill

You’re headed to a pool party and you make a stop to pick up your favorite craft beverage to share with your pals. However, you live in Arizona, so when you put the case in your trunk you’re essentially putting it into an oven. By the time you get to the party, the beer is warm. What do you do? If you give your friends warm beer they might not like you anymore.

Lucky for you, you are reading the quickest chilling method that doesn’t involve ice blasters (see pic related)

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Saltwater and Ice

  • Get a cooler throw in some water, ice and the whole thing of Morton’s (the more salt the better). Make sure there is enough water to cover the entire bottle/can.
  • Reevaluate why it is you live here in the summer for about 5 minutes. (your tears can be added to the salt water concoction). After 5 minutes your beers should be frosty.

For Science Nerds

The reason this works is because salt lowers the freezing point of water. You may have heard about people in other cold states who throw salt on their driveways to clear ice. They are not making a sacrifice to the salt god, they are actually doing science.

Water is a great heat conductor. We sweat when we’re hot for that reason. The cold water pulls the heat away from the warm beer and what is left is cold beer. How cool is that?

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