How to Pack Beer and Wine When Traveling

How to Pack Beer and Wine When Traveling

The busiest travel season of the year is upon us, and over the next month, millions of travelers will be on the go visiting family and friends for the holidays. AAA estimates that nearly 3.7 million Americans will be flying to their destinations this Thanksgiving, while 43.5 million will be hitting the roads.

It’s never polite to show up empty-handed, so plenty of travelers will be carting along beer, wine or spirits as gifts (or just as personal necessity to survive the airport chaos). Regardless of your mode of transportation, one thing’s for sure: You must keep your precious cargo safe and sound.

Here are three ways to properly pack your beer, wine and spirits so that they survive your travels:

① Place the beer, wine or spirit bottle in two tall socks. For extra cushion, wrap the socks in that big, bulky sweater you’re bringing to change into when you enter your food coma.

② Wrap the bottle with bubble wrap, then place it in a shoe box and tape it shut.

③ Buy a bottle protector that’s made for travel and store it safely in your bag. (Bonus: It’s reusable!)

If you’re flying, remember that TSA allows liquids of only 3.4 ounces through security, so you’ll need to put that wine bottle in your checked baggage. To avoid the bottle bouncing around, wrap it and place it in the center of your suitcase. And try not to worry. These things are more resilient than they look.

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