Gift Ideas for Wine and Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Gift Ideas for the Wine and Craft Beer Enthusiasts

When searching for that “just right” present, we should consider the intended recipient’s hobbies. So if said recipient enjoys the art of cocktailing, is a beer aficionado, or perhaps a wine expert in training, we can run with that and gift accordingly. Luckily, there are so many options out there from classy and elegant to funny (careful, some items cross the line over to cheesy) – and everything in between, so finding something can actually be enjoyable, not frustrating.

Here’s a breakdown and some decent options in each category. Happy shopping!

Bottle opener—And not just any bottle opener. But one that is also something else. Like an iphone case ( or a pair of sunglasses ( or even a remote (Clicker Co. on
YETI – These coolers are top-notch and a must-have for any true “have beer, will go” guy or gal.  They’re built to be indestructible and keep ice for days! (
Sriracha Beer –Yes, it now exists. Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is made with the Huy Fong original hot chili sauce. (

Coravin – Need a splurge gift for a true wine connoisseur?  It’s $300, but the Coravin device (by using a needle) allows its owner to keep the cork in the wine bottle, but still pour out a glass. True story. (
Pottery – Not your first thought when it comes to wine, right? But pretty pottery can be kept out to display and it’s quite functional – a ceramic wine carafe can keep sake warm or white wine chilled. (Check out or
Bicycle wine holder  – This leather apparatus is rather chic and allows a wine-loving cyclist to travel with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. (Oopsmark on

Spherical ice maker  – A good whiskey is to be enjoyed, not watered down. And these big “ball ice cubes” melt slowly. And look cool in the glass. (
Moscow mule mug – Quite the trendy drink lately, get a friend the proper vessel, a copper mug. As a bonus? Gift the ingredients as well (lime, vodka, ginger beer).  ( or
Imbibe – A magazine of all things booze. Sure to please a cocktail-loving reader. (

So, there you have it. A couple cool ideas for the drinkers on your list. And if nothing here jumped out at you, there’s always glassware (etched with personalization is nice), or how about simply wrapping the gift of beverage? One can never go wrong with a bottle of quality bubbly or perhaps a growler filled with local beer. Happy Holidays!

Kristine has been researching, writing about, and enjoying beverages for years. A freelance writer, she's wife to one cool guy, and mom to another. She's an avid researcher, reader, hiker, texter, hat wearer and music listener. She lives in Phoenix with the aforementioned cool guys and all three love to explore restaurants and travel. She can be reached at

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