What’s On Tap – Mobile Map App For Craft Beer

What's On Tap - Mobile Map App For Craft Beer

1. To accurately map where every craft brew is sold and show if it’s sold on tap, bottle or a can.

Here’s an example of how our app works: The left pic shows all bars in a specific area serving Craft Beers and the right pic shows the specific bars in that area that are selling Belgian Ale on Tap.

Our model is not based on crowd sourcing but displaying a completely accurate map of every Craft beer sold everywhere.

This means that we’ve figured out how to get and map every beer being sold so the map you see in our app is the most accurate one available.

** Our tech is patent pending and we’re copywrited and trademarked.

At What’s On Tap we want to know where every craft beer is sold and how it’s poured. With the growth of the Craft brewery market it’s getting increasingly harder to find where new craft beers can be located. Mapping this information out benefits the Beer Consumer, Micro Brewery and Bar alike.

  • The consumer gets to know where their favorite beers are sold with an easy way to find new ones to try.
  • The Brewery gets exposure for all of their beers to a thirsty consumer base.
  • The bar gets new patrons coming in to try out the beers that until now, no one knew they were carrying!Plus, hey, it’s beer! Who doesn’t want to discover a cool new micro brew? I know that we do.With the growth of Craft beer comes a price to pay since the landscape for Craft beer is starting to get a little crowded. The number of Breweries keeps rising so that means that there’s a ton of new beers out there to try.

    We want to make it easy to discover them all.

    Here are just a few screen shots of our demo app to demonstrate the nature of what our app does:

    This is a shot of a users search for Belgian Ale On Tap in their area:

    This is a shot of the user search results when they add in bottles and cans as an option. Notice a few more pins were added.

    This is a shot when a user clicks the bar they’re interested in. The user can then map their way to the bar and get the beer they want.

    We’ve made significant progress in our development. Our platform has been built and we have data to search and display. We just need some funding to complete the rest of our mobile platform and to launch our app to the world.

    • Complete the first version of the mobile app for iOS and Android
    • Fund our launch party in Washington D.C.We’re an all encompassing team with backgrounds in Technology, Marketing, Beer Sales and The Bar Industry.We’ve already surpassed several major milestones and are now focusing on finishing the last bits of the mobile platform and launching in January.

      We can see that there were fewer Craft Brewery openings in 2015 than the previous year and we had 32 closings overall. We feel that if we had What’s On Tap operational last year that maybe we could have prevented some of these closings and shown the brewing industry that there’s a solid platform in which to drive consumers to new beers.

      We’re excited to see openings for new breweries in the USA and we are really looking forward to letting every Craft beer lover know where to find their favorite brew and showcase new ones to try.

      We really like the idea of being able to pull up our app, do a search for a type of beer, say Farmhouse IPA, and are shown a map of Bars that are selling that type of beer. It’s even cooler to know how bars are selling that beer, on tap, bottle or can.

      Our platform will allow a consumer base the freedom to easily find exactly what they want and where to go get it.

      The bar industry seems to be doing pretty good. They had a decent increase in growth for 2015 and employ a lot of Americans. We like the idea of being able to drive new customers to their places to try out a new beer or two.

      Beer production is up for Craft brewers while overall production is down slightly for the rest of the industry. This indicates that we consumers are loving our Craft beer choices and we want more of them.

      I guess in the end we all love beer, I know that we do. We came up with this idea because the beer one of us wanted to drink was out and then we thought, wouldn’t it be great to know what bars sold what beers? Then we thought, why hasn’t anyone done this before? I suppose the answer is, people have tried but the underlying model was never accurate enough. Well, we solved that problem and can’t wait to bring our app to the world.

      What’s On Tap was made by Craft Loving Beer Drinkers for Craft Loving Beer Drinkers. We happen to be tech experts with a successful background in big data and app development so we have the ability to make it all come together.

      We have reduced our risks significantly:

      1. Technology – Low risk level since we’re so far along and have a working demo.

      Our platform consists of both mobile and big data platforms and we’re just about done with our entire solution. We were told by iTunes that our demo app released was constructed so well that it’s been approved for live use if we wanted to release it.

      We have an experienced mobile centric development team that has a deep background in both the iOS and Android platforms. Beyond that Tim has a strong focus on developing solutions that are simple to use and powerful so the user experience is at the top of the importance list.

      We are currently done with the big data back end development, our website is done, our social is up, popular and ready. We will be ready to launch on-time.

      Please note: our demo is operating with live data and search capabilities.

      2. Customer adoption – Low risk level since beer seems to be an ever changing landscape of tech but no one has cracked the nut like we have so we’re offering value that no one else can. Trusted data.

      We have produced a platform that our app users love using. We did this by reaching out to our app users to verify that we’re on the right track. We have kept the interface simple while building up a powerful platform behind it. With this we’ve constructed our system upon good data. We’re not crowd sourced so our data is solid and can be trusted by our user base to be accurate.

      Our launch date is set for January 5th 2017 and we’re on track to meet that date.


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