5 Mouth-Watering Prosecco Cocktails You Can Make At Home

5 Mouth-Watering Prosecco Cocktails You Can Make At Home

English Garden Fizz

We’ve been sippin’ Prosecco for some time now and the bubble doesn’t look set to burst anytime soon – in fact, rumor has it there’s a shortage on the way. To make those bottles of bubbly go that little bit further and to save your taste buds from getting tired, why not jazz things up a bit and try adding to your favorite Friday night tipple?

Cocktails are a great way to get experimental with flavors and add extra depth to pair with your food or your mood. Whether you want to impress your guests or kick back and treat yourself on a night in, here are five delicious Prosecco cocktail recipes for you to try at home. Make the most of the last of the long evenings where al fresco drinking is still a possibility. Positive thoughts for that Indian summer…

Prosecco, chilled
Elderflower cordial
Gin (we recommend Cambridge Gin Distillery Dry Gin, as it’s made from garden botanicals such as basil, rosemary, and rose)
Cucumber slices
– recipe services 6

Measure 20ml of gin into each glass and add a dash of cordial with a slice of cucumber. Top with chilled Prosecco. One bottle of Prosecco will make 6 glasses.

Seasonal Smash

Make the most of the time of year and eat with the season. Your ingredients will have traveled a shorter distance if they’re coming from a local farm, meaning they’ll not only be more eco-friendly, but they’ll be fresher, juicier and tastier too. Fig and raspberry are so in right now, so pick up a punnet of plump, ripe fruits and try this smashing cocktail…

4 Figs
12 Raspberries
Raspberry Simple Syrup (you can make your own, it’s super easy and takes minutes. Recipe below)
1 bottle Prosecco, chilled
– recipe serves 6

Slice two figs in half and spoon out the fruit
Muddle with the raspberry simple syrup
Shake with ice and a small dash of Prosecco in a cocktail shaker
Pour a 20ml drop into each glass
Cut the remaining two figs into thin slices and distribute evenly among the 6 glasses
Add two fresh raspberries to garnish
Top with chilled Prosecco

For the Raspberry Simple Syrup – add two cups water and one cup sugar to a pan, simmer and stir until the sugar dissolves. Add a handful of raspberries; stir until the color has been extracted. Remove from heat and strain. Voila!

Totally Tropical Prosecco Punch

We’ve been loving the tropical style that’s taken over this summer, from pineapple prints to inflatable flamingo floats. What better way to soak up the last rays of sun by continuing the tropical trend with this deliciously mouth-watering Prosecco Punch? True modern day Club Tropicana feels, all that’s missing is the sea…

1 Pineapple
18 Cherries
Fresh Mint
1 bottle Prosecco, chilled
– recipe serves 6

Halve the cherries, remove the stones, and add three cherry halves to each glass.
Juice the pineapple and fill each glass by one third. Muddle a few mint leaves to release the and add one or two to each glass, then top up with ice-cold Prosecco and stir.
Add a sprig of fresh mint and a slice of pineapple to garnish.

The Lady’s Liquor

If you want something sophisticated to carry you through a date, a dinner party or a special occasion, try this twist on the classic Champagne Cocktail for a grown up, sultry affair. Orange bitters and a dash of bourbon will make you want to don your best Mad Men outfit – a drink Don Draper would be proud of.

Orange bitters
6 Sugar cubes
1 Lemon
1 bottle Prosecco, chilled
– recipe serves 6

Drop one sugar cube into each flute glass and add a few drops of orange bitters (not too many!). Add 20 mls Bourbon to each glass, top with chilled Prosecco and add a twist of lemon.

Watermelon Cooler

We don’t know why, but we’re suddenly seeing watermelon everywhere – with watermelon spritz popping up in our favorite wine bars, and colorful cocktails all over our Instagram feeds. Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, then it is good enough for us. Blended with Prosecco and with an extra addition of mint, this makes a thirst quenching, feel-good cocktail.

Cut the watermelon in half and then into quarters to make it easier to slice.

Keep a few of the slices back to garnish the glasses later.

Scoop out the fruit and blitz in a blender. Strain to keep your cocktail from looking cloudy. Pour the fresh watermelon juice into each glass and top with Prosecco.

Add the mint and garnish with the watermelon.

by Suzannah Ramsdale, InStyle.co.uk

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