Edward & Graham – Menomonee Road [single]

Edward & Graham

Menomonee Road by Edward & Graham gets a 9/10. It does everything right, and reminds the listener of what used to make country good. This is modern cowboy music. Most of the cowboys I know (I spent a lot of time in Wyoming) don’t give a damn about what they drink. Whatever is available and gets the job done is what this song is in terms of beer.

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to Country music. There is the type of country music that deals with rural life and small town living personified with a comically bad twang, which usually dominates the country stations. I like to call it “Western Pop.” Then there is the renegade cowboy stuff that makes you feel like a badass when you listen to it. Think Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Steve Earl and Waylon Jennings. Edward & Graham present country in the way that makes you reminiscences about when country used to be good. This song makes you want to get a pair of cowboy boots, and an old F-150, and drift from town to town. Good stuff right here. I can’t really do much justice writing about this song. Just give it a listen (link at the end of article).

Edward & Graham are a Illinois based duo who have had many solo ventures. Both Edward and Graham have a history of creating music. It definitely shows that they’re practiced, and have found a wonderful sound that shines through in this single. They are due to release more music this coming spring and summer. Be sure to look out for them, even if you don’t you’ll probably hear them anyways because I sense more great things from them soon.

Give Menomonee Road a listen here.


Article by Sam Hill

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