Number of New York farm distilleries doubles

Number of New York farm distilleries doubles

More than 100 farm distilleries are now operating across the state of New York, showing “significant growth” since the implementation of the Craft New York Act in 2014.

The law “cuts red tape” and “eases regulations” for craft distilleries by allowing them to conduct tastings and serve by the bottle and glass, increase their retail space, lower the food requirement during tastings, open offsite stores without the need for a separate license, and increase production by raising the annual manufacturing cap.

Since the act was implemented in December 2014, the number of farm distilleries in New York has almost doubled to 107. Overall, the number of farm-based distillery businesses in New York has increased 10-fold since 2011 – from 10 to 107.

Since 2011, the number of farm-based alcohol beverage manufacturers increased by 188%, bringing the total number of wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries using New York-grown ingredients to 591.

“By cutting red tape and easing regulations on farm distilleries, we are supporting the growth and expansion of small businesses that create new jobs and drive economic growth across New York,” said governor Andrew Cuomo, who advocated and signed the act.

“From farm distilleries to breweries to cideries, the craft beverage industry is thriving, strengthening the agricultural and tourism industries, and providing real economic benefits to communities in every region of the state.”

According to the governor, the growth of New York’s farm distilling industry has led to increased tax revenue, job opportunities and increased demand for farm products such as corn, grains and apples, as well as boosting the state’s tourism.

“The efforts New York State has made to modernise the alcohol beverage laws and improve the business climate for our members are paying great dividends,” added Brian McKenzie, president of the New York State Distillers Guild

“Our industry is growing at a very strong rate, both with new ventures starting up in recent years and established distilleries growing their businesses beyond their local markets.

“We’re proud of the impact we are making on the NYS economy in terms of creating jobs, promoting tourism, and supporting local agriculture, and are grateful for the positive changes that have taken place.”

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