Pairing Wine and Chocolate for Valentines


Not many things on this earth go together as well as chocolate and wine. So with that in mind I reached Chris Wildeman of SoBro Spirits — someone who knows wine much better than I — to get the lowdown on which wines will suit your chocolatey desire this Valentine’s Day.

Here is what Chris had to say:

“Strike like Cupid this Valentine’s Day by bringing dry wine and sweet chocolate together.

“Chocolate and wine are common inventory used in accompanying the mid-February lovers’ tradition, but options aren’t as limited as one might think. It is commonly perceived that only sweet wine can go hand in hand with chocolate. Here is a quick go-to guide sure to steer you in a different direction when pairing sweet treats with dry wines for your special sweetheart.”

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Australian Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon should be go-tos for dark chocolate lovers. – PIXABAY
Australian Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon should be go-tos for dark chocolate lovers.
Dark Chocolate lovers:

“If you prefer dark chocolate,” says Chris, “look towards Australian Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. The bitterness of dark chocolate pairs nicely with the tannic, jammy and full-bodied attack those grapes offer. Bold is definitely the theme here.” Chris suggests that you “give the Inkberry Shiraz-Cab from Australia a try. This is a fun, quality wine, full of voluptuous blue and black fruit.” The good news is it’s great bargain, usually retailing under $15.

Milk Chocolate lovers:
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Pinot Noir is a nice match for milk chocolate – PIXABAY
Pinot Noir is a nice match for milk chocolate

Chris says, “For those that are seeking a dry wine pairing for milk chocolate, consider Pinot Noir. One of the keys to the unity of wine and chocolate is matching each other’s heaviness. Just as a bold and spicy Shiraz matches the rich and bitter components of dark chocolate, the elegant and lighter Pinot Noir matches the milder essence of milk chocolate. New Zealand produces wonderful cool climate Pinot’s that have the ability to rival those of Oregon and France.”

White Chocolate lovers:

“Not normally a fan of chocolate, but have a taste for white chocolate?” Chris asks, “Let’s get bubbly. Sparkling rosé (for all intents and purposes, sweet or dry) will seal the deal. Spanish Cava is some of the best bang-for-your-buck sparkling wine out there.” According to Chris, “The Poema Brut Rosé is an incredible option in this category.” Which once again is wallet-friendly, hanging around the $10-mark. He also says, “Freixenet’s Sweet Cuvée is just as inexpensive and is another red-berry-based option to pair with the buttery and creamy white chocolate.”

He finishes by saying, “Ultimately, your palate is the judge of what works best.

“Not a fan of these suggestions? Try something else: Tawny Port, Moscato d’ Asti, German Riesling; those are common suggestions.
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Chris Wildeman is NUVO’s new go-to wine guy.
Chris Wildeman is NUVO’s new go-to wine guy.
“We all have our own opinions. That’s the beauty of wine.”

Chris Wildeman has lived in Indianapolis his entire life. He is a Certified Specialist in Wine and is the Wine Buyer for SoBro Spirits located in South Broad Ripple. Value and uniqueness are two principles of wine he enjoys sharing with others.


By Chris Wildeman

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