The latest in Kosher wine: an interview with wine expert Gabriel Geller

The latest in Kosher wine: an interview with wine expert Gabriel Geller

Q: What are the new Purim offerings from Royal Wine this year?
A: There are so many! I would point out three wines in particular. I’m a big fan of rosé wine and the Covenant Red C Rosé from California is excellent,
bursting with flavors, tart red fruits with lots of mouth-watering acidity.

Château Malartic-Lagravière also came back with a new vintage, nine
years after the previous kosher release. It is a great wine from Bordeaux that can evolve and improve for several decades.

I think people do not drink enough white wines, it’s really too bad as they are so much fun! For instance the Matar Sauvignon Blanc-Sémillon is a gorgeous, full-flavored white blend from one of Israel’s best boutique wineries.

Q: What is your favorite new wine?
A: My favorite new wine would be the new first growth sauternes, Château de Rayne-Vigneau, arguably the best kosher dessert wine in the world. I wish I could buy kosher foie gras in New York, as it would pair perfectly with it.

Q: What’s sells more, red or white?
A: Red wine still sells the best. While full-bodied Bordeaux-blends and Cabernet Sauvignon are kings, more people get slowly into rosé and white wines and are also getting interested in other varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Petite Sirah, Shiraz etc. The Nadiv Reshit, for instance, is a magnificent Australian-style blend.

Q: Has there been a move towards organic offerings at Royal?
A: More and more wineries have started to grow their grapes in organic vineyards, using little to no chemical and pesticides. Or Haganuz winery
makes a nice wine, Elima, that has no added sulfites.

Q: It looks like Royal continues to expand even into the food business. What can we expect in the coming year?
A: We are working on expanding our food portfolio at Kayco both in terms of diversity and in terms of quality. Some exciting brands have joined us, most recently Beetology, which is quite a great brand with awesome products.

Q: Where can our readers learn more about your wines?
A: In the Jewish Standard of course! But one of the best places to stay up to date with new kosher wines, discuss, give or receive advice is on the Facebook group: Kosher Wine: Sharing and Experiences.

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