The Velvet Underground & Nico

I publish many articles each week, and I have seen articles that pair beers with different types of food and glassware and everything under the sun, except music. Therefore I will post an article about an album and then I will tell you which six pack you should drink when listening to the album. The albums I will choose are completely random. They are mostly going to be whatever I have been listening to. Do not worry, if the album is good or not because I only choose good albums. 

The Velvet UnderGround & Nico 1967

Pair this album with a light crisp pilsner. Please do not do this with a Bud Light or a Miller. I know it keeps with the nihilism of the album, but the VU is so much more. They are nihilist, yes but its the nihilism born out being a socialite in upper Manhattan. It is not the kind of nihilism that comes from drinking bad beer and hating your life. The VU is classy so drink something nice. I am not asking you to put on a tie, rather, try these: Mama’s Little Yellow Pils – Oskar Blues Brewing|| Nooner – Sierra Nevada Brewing || Joes -Avery Brewing || Monarch – Snake River Brewing 


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