The Survival Code [EP] – Broken Strings

The Survival Code

Broken Strings EP receives 6/10. I maintain the same stance I took towards TALIA’s Thugs They Look Like Angels. This EP is another Milwaukee’s Best standing in the Colossal shadow of PBR. Essentially the same beer, but PBR will always be the more popular option.

London’s The Survival Code plays music in the vein of the early 90s grunge influenced hard rock. A bit like Creed, and a lot more like the Foo Fighters. They have a loud high energy sound with raspy belting vocals. Memorable riffs, and aggressive lyrics.

The Survival Code is talented, but what I find is that this group sounds too much like it is attempting to emulate Creed or The Foo Fighters. If you have read my review for TALIA’s Thugs They Look Like Angels I had this same criticism. There is no problem with having influences and taking from them, that is how art progresses. However, there is a problem with sounding too much like a group. If The Survival Code wishes to be assessed on its own terms, it needs to put out music that does not sound too much like bands that have been around for decades. Granted there are only three songs on this EP, but I found myself thinking, “This is pretty good, but it sounds just like the Foo Fighters.”

There is a fine line between sounding just like a group, and being influenced by a group. I do not think that this is an easy line to walk, and I can sympathize with this. On the other hand, I cannot let it go. I think this group has the talent, and the drive to become a wonderful group, but they need to move away from trying to emulate these turn of the century hard rock groups.

I have a feeling that this would be a great band to see live. The energy is there, and their songs have a fairly widespread appeal. There is a certain pop to the songs that draws the listener in.

You can listen to the EP here. Video link for Broken Strings

-Sam Hill

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