White Oak & Kerosene – Justin Allen and the Well Shots

Justin Allen

Holy cow was I blown away by this EP. 10/10. It reminded me of my first craft beer after drinking the varieties of big brewery beer flavored water. It is so nice to hear something unique for a change. This EP is a tribute to those breweries that challenge the status quo, and show people what beer can be when you put your back into it.

White Oak & Kerosene is the debut EP from Justin Allen and the Well Shots. The group is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Allen has been making music and preforming since he was 13. Living out of his car, Allen has put his all into this EP, and it shows.

White Oak & Kerosene opens on the powerful song Hard Luck Man. A bluesy boozy drenched song. The EP begins to open up with the next track, Come A Little Closer, A much more bluegrass/folk sounding track.

It is evident that White Oak & Kerosene is a delightfully bold alternative country experiment. I do not think I would even classify this album as country. Justin Allen is about as country as the Eagles. Sure, there are country themes, but he is in a genre of his own. This EP is a potpourri of blues, classic rock, country, bluegrass, heartland rock, and folk. It is one of the more creative compositions I have heard in a while.

White Oak & Kerosene EP is why I like doing these independent music reviews. Occasionally  you come across these gems that you know will one day be huge, but you got to be one of the first to hear them.

This EP is really a treat, and my only criticism is that there are only five songs. I wish there was more. White Oak & Kerosene has a familiarity to it, yet it is unique. It is the music equivalent to comfort food, a good EP for any mood.

The varying music styles, and the clean production make this album incredibly professional sounding. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into this EP. Today it seems like we get all sorts of music that people just throw together based off popular formula, and it pollutes the music universe. This EP is a much needed breath of fresh air amidst the pollution.

The vocals provided by Allen are raspy, and indicative of a distinctly American sound. The multiple instruments and styles of music present on this EP never sounded too eclectic, or too boring.

Give the album a listen here.  Check out the Music video for Angelina as well.

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