This Is Why You Get Hungry When You’re Drunk

This Is Why You Get Hungry When You're Drunk

After a long night out on the town, the only logical next step is stuffing your face with whatever fattening food you can find before sobriety starts to set in. Even though you tell yourself you’re not going to binge on late-night pizza or feast on a stack of pancakes at your favorite diner, you do it anyway. Weekend after weekend.

Don’t blame yourself. Blame science. According to a recently published study, there could be a scientific reason for those drunk cravings.

Scientists at London’s Francis Crick Institute found that alcohol could trigger neurons to tell us we are hungry.

When those neurons are activated, the munchies kick in. Of course, environmental and social influences factor in, but now you know that drinking more can cause your brain to crave more food, too. And maybe it’s not entirely your fault when you polish off a whole pizza by yourself at 3 a.m. (Or maybe it still is.)

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